Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monday September 14, 2015: Ellen Bravo

This Monday, September 14, on KPFA Women's Magazine We talked with three women who are exploring ways to make their commitments to social justice and transformation more accessible: novelists Ellen Bravo and Diana Block and dharma teacher and musician Eve Decker.

What happens when young rapists grow up to be powerful men?

Ellen Bravo is the author of Again and Again, which looks at the issue of date rape on college campuses, moving back and forth between 1979, when date rape was a new and little understood concept, and 2010, when the rapist is running for Senate.

Ellen will be speaking about her book at the end of September. Info about these events can be found at

Go to Know Your IX: empowering students to stop sexual violence to find out more information about rape on college campuses.

Listen now or Get MP3 19:50 min.

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Also on today's show:
Diana Block
Eve Decker

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