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Monday, January 19, 2015: Women's Magazine Honors MLK. Vylma V and Lisa Detmer host a live call in show.

What it means to be feminist:

Today Jan 19th 2015, on Women's Magazine we honor Martin Luther King Jr Day by hearing from a couple of women who are participating in the Oakland march Reclaiming King's Legacy: A Jobs & Economy March for the People. Thousands marched from the Fruitvale BART station to Coliseum BART station. We got an update from Needa, a member of the Anti-Police Terrorism Project, one of the main groups organizing the 96 hours of marches and actions across the U.S and the Bay Area dedicated  to Reclaim MLK Day. And from Kate Raphael of Women's Magazine. And in the second half of the show we heard from Angela Wellman,Vylma Ortiz and lisa Dettmer as well as other members of Women's Magazine on their thoughts on feminism and why a show like women's magazine is important.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2014: Community Rights

Starting at the Local Level; Civil Disobedience at its Core

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Is corporate takeover of our political system a done deal? Not according to the women in today's interview. Kate Raphael of KPFA Women's Magazine asks the hard questions.

We discuss the Community Rights framework for local citizens taking back control over their food supply, their environments and their values with Michelle Holman from Lane County, Oregon Community Rights Network and Linda of the Community Rights Network of Mendocino County.  In November, Mendocino passed California's first community rights ordinance, banning fracking.

Empowering the People:
"Point to a harm in your community whether it be fracking, GMO foods, pesticides, prisons... and follow it back. It's a corporate decision made somewhere else. All of the state's constitution give the people the right to design their lives. The system is not broken, it's rigged." says Michelle Holman.

There are over 200 communities that have passed rights-based ordinances. Community Environment Legal Defense Fund helps people work on ordinances.

In November Mendocino County passed the first anti-fracking law in California to prevent any entity from using fracking in the county. The Community Bill of Rights Fracking and Water Rights Ordinance is really a Community Rights ordinance not an anti-fracking law. Fracking is a symptom of the problem of corporations taking control over our communities. With this ordinance we have begun a process to take away control of our communities from the corporations. Community Rights Network of Mendocino worked with Community Environment Legal Defense Fund and Global Exchange and hundreds of volunteers to pass Measure S. Also check out Paul Cienfuegos.

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Also on today's show:
Remembering Maha Abu Dayyeh

Monday, January 12, 2014: Islamophobia


Kate Raphael offers commentary on the recent attacks in France and how we and the world is and could be responding to them.

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As French President Francois Hollande declares "war on radical Islam", we listen to a panel of Muslim women held on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. The women talk about how Islamophobia has affected their lives in the post-9/11 US. The panel was held on September 11, 2011 in Berkeley. Five Muslim women speak about their personal experiences and the impact of the events of 2001 on their communities. Speakers are Veena Dubal, Fariba Nawa, Roshni Rustomjee-Kerns, Dr. Maheen Mausoof Adamson, and Yasmin Qureshi. The panel was organized by Friends of South Asia and held in San Francisco. It was hosted by Sharon Sobotta.

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Also included:
Community Rights
Remembering Maha Abu Dayyeh

Monday, January 12, 2014: Remembering Maha Abu Dayyeh

Remembering Maha Abu Dayyeh (24 August 1951 – 9 January 2015)

"We don’t have the luxury of despair, in times of crises we must provide hope and leadership whilst inspiring the next generation of young women."

We honor the life and legacy of Maha Abu Dayyeh, co-founder and director of the Women's Center for Legal Aid and Counseling in Jerusalem, one of the leading Palestinian women's rights organizations. She died on January 9. We're joined by Jessica Neuwirth, director of Donor Direct Action.

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Maha was a visionary leader and an untiring servant of the Palestinian women’s movement. She began her human rights work as a staff member at the Quaker Center for Legal Aid for Palestinian political prisoners from the late-1980s into the early-1990s. While there, she began to recognise the specific needs of Palestinian women. Thus, in 1991, with several other Palestinian women, Maha co-founded the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling in Jerusalem, now a leading women’s rights organisation dedicated to developing a democratic Palestinian society based on the principles of gender equality, social justice, and human rights.

Maha’s remarkable life is distinguished by her achievements as a Palestinian feminist human-rights activist, leader, and thinker and by her integrity, perseverance, and unrelenting commitment to promoting women’s human rights locally and internationally. She also understood the critical importance of providing quality legal aid, social counselling, and protection services to women in an environment where their rights are denied and abused and their interests overlooked, alongside the struggle to create institutional change in the wider society.

A memorial for Maha has been set up by her family at Donor Direct Action. To contribute to Maha's memory go to

Also on today's show:

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015: Continuing the Discussion of Police Violence against Black Women and Men

#BlackLivesMatter; #BlackWomenLivesMatter

"We need to fight like hell for Black lives right now."

Photo/Antonio Giaquinto

Today on Women's Magazine as  we continue to look at state violence against black bodies we look at how black women's are uniquely  targeted by  state violence, a violence that is too often invisible and behind closed doors.  To look at this issue  Lisa Marie Rollins talks to Alicia Garza one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter and special project director at the National Domestic Workers Alliance  and to Alisa Bierria associate director of the Center for Race and Gender at UC Berkeley who has been working with the national  campaign to Free Marissa Alexander Now and with INCITE.
More about conference at COLOROFVIOLENCE.ORG

The  East Bay Free Marissa  Now Campaign is traveling in a caravan across country to educate people about her case and upcoming hearing so if your interested in being a part of that struggle you can contact them thru their Free Marrisa Now Facebook page.

Other links mentioned in today's show:

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More about Marissa's case at December 8th Women's Magazine

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Monday, December 29, 2014: Black Lives Matter! Young Black Women Organize!


Queers Come Out for Black Lives Matter

December 13th Demo photo by Waidye Palmer
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This week on Women's Magazine, we hear from the young Black women who are making themselves heard, from the streets of San Francisco and Oakland to the halls of power.  Thea Matthews, one of the organizers of Queers Come Out for Black Lives Matter, and also of the Millions March in San Francisco, joins Kate Raphael, along with Etecia Brown, lead organizer of the Millions March events in Oakland and San Francisco. Thea is president of the Black Student Union at City College of San Francisco and has been active in the Save City College Coalition.  Etecia is a fourth-generation Bayview-Hunters' Point resident and a graduate student in public policy at NYU. Also in today's show are recordings from the Oakland Millions March rally December 13 by Lisa Detmer and Nell Myhand.

"It's not a movement, it's a lifestyle."

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It's a War

Next we feature part of an interview with Arlene Eisen, author of the 2013 report Operation Ghetto Storm, which generated the hashtag #Every28Hours. Listen now or Get MP3 11:38 min.

This interview originally aired in April 2013 at

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014: Campus Rape in Context

"Any sexual assault is a problem." says Janelle White, Executive Director of SF Women Against Rape in conversation with Kate Raphael that we should all be having.

Sexual assault has been all over the news recently, but is this helping or hurting our understanding of rape culture? We explore the myths and realities of sexual violence on and off college campuses, the Rolling Stone/UVA fiasco and the accusations against Bill Cosby, with Janelle White, Executive Director of San Francisco Women Against Rape.

Janelle White
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Janelle is Executive Director of San Francisco Women Against Rape. She has been active in the movement to end violence against women for over ten years working with the University of Michigan Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center, the YWCA Rape Crisis Program of Greater New Orleans, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, the Hate Crimes Project of the Lesbian and Gay Community Center of New Orleans, and as Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of New Orleans (UNO) and Director of the UNO Women's Center. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Michigan. Her doctoral work examines US based Black women's mobilization to confront sexual and domestic violence.

SFWAR is a women of color led, volunteer-based organization that has provided rape crisis services to survivors of sexual assault for over 30 years. As the primary provider of rape crisis services in San Francisco, we also offer support to friends and families of survivors and provide expert advice, training, and assistance to healthcare workers, medical professionals, educators, law enforcement officers and other professionals throughout the city. Our prevention programs have reached young people in classrooms in schools serving every area of San Francisco, and provided information and resources to people of all ages through community programs, social services, and numerous community events. All our services are confidential and free of charge.

SFWAR Rape Hotline number is 415-647-7273.

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A tribute to Chinosole