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Monday, March 2, 2015: Surviving GamerGate

Warning: The following program contains frightening and disturbing dialogue.

Revolution 60

Brianna Wu is one of many women who have been viciously harassed and threatened by men who believe women have no right to be video game developers or commentators. Wu's experiences are part of the inspiration for a recent episode of Law & Order SVU. Wu talks about her experiences and what we need to do to change tech culture.

The introduction of the I-phone Wu says created an explosion of women gamers. There has been disgust and contempt toward women gamers from the beginning. "It's a systematic problem where women do not have a seat at the table. [the gaming industry] crushes women every step of the way. Men in this field have to learn to start listening."

Wu has described herself as, “barely a feminist” when she started the company in 2010. She wanted to create games with strong female characters, but believed it was best to “just do a good job and don’t make a big deal out of it.”

Working in the game industry, Wu found herself frequently frustrated by what she described as the “boys club” mentality in games, which was much worse than any of the other industries she’d worked in. This was reflected in the tone of their first game Revolution 60, which featured an all-female cast of special operatives, in a game many describe as having strong feminist overtones. Revolution 60 shipped in July of 2014 to critically acclaimed reviews from Macworld, Kotaku, Gamebreaker, 148Apps, and others. A sequel is currently in the works.

Five months ago Wu started receiving death threats through Twitter and email. She has received 46 death threats in that time. She describes in detail the devastating effect this is having on her life and business. Unlike the story portrayed on Law and Order, Wu has received very little response from law enforcement for these destructive threats.

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Also on today's show:
Las Almas
Golden Thread Productions

Monday, March 2, 2015: Golden Thread Productions-Celebrating Women in the Arts

"Allow every artist to speak their own truth."

We preview some of the many cultural events celebrating International Women's Day and women's history month. Kate talks to Torange Yeghiazarian, artistic director of Golden Thread Productions. Torange talks about her new play Isfahan Blues and her love of jazz.  Listen now or Get MP3. 12:36.

What Do the Women Say? A Celebration of International Women’s Day

Poetry of Resistance, Prose of Resilience
with Elmaz Abinader, Anita Amirrezvani, Saousan Jarjour, Najia Karim and Deema K Shehabi

March 12 at 8:00 pm | La Peña Cultural Center | 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley

$12 in advance | $15 at the door

Golden Thread will honor over a century of activism by women artists for freedom, self-determination, and justice at its annual International Women’s Day celebration, What Do the Women Say?. This year’s program features the work of Middle Eastern women artists, who counter and shatter stereotypes, and engages in a conversation with history in light of the sweeping changes across the Middle East. Golden Thread is honored to present award-winning Syrian American opera singer Saousan Jarjour‘s Bay Area debut featuring new work by Nahal Navidar (New Threads 2014) and composer Julia Adolphe, as well as Syrian folk songs. Early 20th-century writings by women from Iraq, Tunisia, and Algeria selected from the anthology, Opening the Gates, A Century of Arab Feminist Writing, will be presented alongside readings in English and Persian by leading Bay Area poets and authors: Elmaz Abinader (This House, My Bones), Anita Amirrezvani (The Blood of Flowers, Equal to the Sun), Najia Karim, and Deema Shehabi (Thirteen Departures From the Moon). Golden Thread artistic associate Haleh Hatami will facilitate a conversation with the artists following the presentations.

Opening the Gates, a Century of Arab Feminist Writing features stories and essays from as early as 1867. “In these wonderfully diverse documents, women eschew their role as silent helpmates, “ write editors, Margot Badran and Miriam Cooke. The collection brings together many women’s voices including, Etel Adnan, Mary Ziyada, Nawal Al Saadawi, Huda Shaarawi, as well as authors never before translated into English. Published by the Indiana University Press, 1990.
Sponsored by WomenArts, a SWAN Day Event

Come sing, dance and enjoy this family event in honor of women!

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Also on today's show:
Surviving GamerGate
Las Almas

Also these IWD events:

  • March for Intenational Women's Day in Oakland. Meet at Lake Merritt, 12th Street and 1st Ave. amphitheater at noon for rally and speak out, march at 12:30 and celebration at 1:30 PM. Organized by Gabriela.
  • Kitka at the Freight and Salvage, Sunday, March 8, 2015, 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:00pm), $24 adv / $28 door. Celebrate International Women’s Day with Kitka. The world-renowned women’s vocal ensemble includes excerpts from the recently commissioned CD, I Will Remember Everything, based on the story of Russian Jewish lesbian poet Sophia Parnok. Kitka’s stunning dissonances, asymmetric rhythms, and lush harmonies are inspired by Eastern European folk traditions. The evening also includes the Shofar Award ceremony honoring Ronnie Gilbert of the folk music revival group the Weavers. Ronnie has dedicated her rich voice and background of Jewish values to the lifelong pursuit of social justice.
  • Reception at KPFA Honoring the Women of KPFA, Nina Serrano, Jennifer Stone, and Avotcha, March 8 from 4 PM at 1929 MLK Way, Berkeley, CA

Monday, March 2, 2015: Las Almas-Celebrating Women in the Arts


March 8 @ 5:30 pm
La Pena Cultural Center

$10 Adv, $12 Door

Las Alma’s, Mujeres Taller Bomba y Plena, and Yeye Suarez, are collaborating on a musical concert dedicated to celebrating International Women’s Day. In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for Women’s Rights. This community concert will occur alongside thousands of events that will take place world-wide to recognize, encourage, and advocate for women’s rights in all walks of life.

This all female performance will feature original music by members of the cast as well as renditions of songs composed by other women from Latin America and the Caribbean. It is an opportunity for women musicians to perform seldom-heard works by women composers and to celebrate the essential role of women in the arts and in particular, the field of music.

Come sing, dance and enjoy this family event in honor of women!

On today's Women's Magazine Kate talks to Kamakshi of the women's music ensemble Las Almas. Las Almas performs live in studio. Listen now or Get MP3. 15:43 min.

Also on today's show:
Surviving GamerGate
Celebrating Women in the Arts-Golden Thread Productions

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Monday February 23, 2015: 4th Monday Live Call-in Show with Lisa Marie and Vylma V

Lisa Marie Rollins and Vylma V


MADlines music draws from an arsenal of influences, her Jamaican roots, Seattle upbringing and experiences teaching at-risk youth in the Bay Area. MADlines effortlessly blends old and new school lyrical styles and sounds. With her commitment to both artistry and social justice MADlines can be found facilitating creative writing classes for incarcerated teens in San Francisco at the Juvenile Justice Center. MADlines new EP WORD PLAY weaves together a unique blend of instrumentals from old favorites like BeanOne (who produced MADlines’ last project, Love Child) as well as Bay Area locals: DJ Pharoahgahmoe, Big Tunes and Phillip Drummond. The result is a diverse musical journey—from Old School Hip Hop, to Reggae Roots and even Trap.

MADlines with Vylma V

"Women conquer with the heart." Concha Buika


"I'm gonna get married with my ownself." Buika says.

Concha Buika - Born and raised on the Spanish island of Mallorca, the 2-time grammy nominated Buika’s music is deeply rooted in the African Diaspora. Her music is deeply rooted in musical traditions of the Roma Flamenco of Mallorca, Afro-Cuban, blues, jazz, r&b and other African-based pop and traditional genres. Just three years after her 2007 American debut, NPR included her in their list of 50 Great Voices from around the world.

Buika will be performing in San Francisco February 28, 2015, 8 PM at the Nourse Theater as part of the California Institute of Integral Studies Public Performances Concert Series. Click here for tickets and information.

Remember it’s the 4th Monday of the month where hosts LisaMarie Rollins and Vylma V ask listeners to call in for live discussion.

Click here to listen to entire show. 59:50 min

Other Events:
Film- Reel Bad Arabs at La Pena, Thursday Feb. 26. For more info: www.mecaforpeace.org

Conference- 30th Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference, March 7th at UC Berkeley

March 8th in International Women's Day and KPFA will be broadcasting 24 hours of women's programming so don't forget to tune in.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015: Joan Little and the Right to Self-Defense

Who Was Joan Little? What Happened to the Right to Self-Defense?

On Black History Month, we discuss the groundbreaking 1970s trial of Joan Little in North Carolina - called "The Trial of the Decade" by the Chicago Tribune.  Feminist and civil rights organizations came together to fight for Little's freedom after she killed a white jailer who sexually assaulted her. We also look at the cases of Inez Garcia and Dessie Woods, with journalist, author and activist Victoria Law.

Joan Little (left) on the day of her acquittal.

The tale of Joan (pronounced “Jo-Ann”) Little is one replete with the hardships of a young African-American woman struggling to survive in a world that has been unkind to her gender. Coupled with the harsh realities of her upbringing, crime became a refuge for Little. Despite this, Little would become the first woman to be acquitted of murder by way of justifying killing in the name of self-defense against sexual assault on August 15, 1975.

Victoria Law is a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women, which won the 2009 PASS (Prevention for a Safer Society) award. She frequently writes and speaks about the intersections between mass incarceration, gender and resistance.

Kate Raphael of Women's Magazine asks Victoria why don't we see the support of women who act in self-defense today as we saw in these earlier cases, specifically Marissa Alexander, Kelly Savage and the New Jersey Four. To find out more about Kelly Savage go to www.womenprisoners.org. Click here to sign a petition in support of Kelly.

Click here to listen to entire show. 59:50 min.

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This week's Calendar of Events:
Dance: ODC Presents Dance and Diaspora
Featuring Jill Parker & The Foxglove Sweethearts and Danica Sena
Feb 20-21, 2015 8pm 3153 17th Street in San Francisco
TICKETS $25 General, $35 Arts Patron

Film: They Were Promised the Sea
Thursday, Feb 18, 7 PM
South Berkeley Senior Center
2939 Ellis Street in Berkeley
Presented by Jewish Voice for Peace

Monday, February 16, 2015: Elmaz Abinader on Body, Home and Memory

Elmaz Abinader is a Bay Area poet, writer, and teacher.  In her most recent collection, THIS HOUSE MY BONES, she says, "the body and the earth exchange their positions and perspectives. The memories of war are on the skin as well as on the mesa, the exile is written in dust and cells."

Safi wa Nairobi speaks with Elmaz Abinader about her writing, her inspirations and creating space for writers of color in the white-dominated world of publishing and MFA programs. This program was recorded in studio at KPOO.

Elmaz will be reading from her book on Feb 20 at 7 PM at Laurel Books, Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland and on March 5, 7 PM at UC Monterey Bay in the Living Room.

Click here to listen to entire show. 59:50 min.

Also on today's show:
Joan Little and the Right to Self-Defense

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Monday, February 9, 2015: Last Chance to Support KPFA Women's Magazine this Pledge Drive

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This week's show hosted by Vylma V and Vika features an update on Marissa Alexander's case and a speech by Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow.

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