Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016: Rethinking Sexism, Gender, and Sexuality

What if schools were places where children could explore their identities and passions without worrying about gender roles? This question and more are addressed in today's show.

"Whenever you teach oppression you have to teach resistance."

Educators Jody Sokolower, Liza Gesuden, Candice Valenzuela and AJ Jennings discuss methods and opportunities for introducing conversations and curricula about sexism, patriarchy, intersectionality, gender identity and sexuality with kids from preschool to high school.  The four women are all among the 50+ contributors to a new anthology from Rethinking Schools.  The book and the interviews are chock-full of information and ideas that will be helpful to teachers, parents, students, relatives and friends of young people all over this country.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016: Pornography, Sexuality and Femisnists

Gail Dines talks about the violence of pornography

The mainstream has become increasingly outspoken about the increasingly violent and ubiquitous 97 billion dollar Pornography industry which makes more than the top tech companies combined with 3 billion made annually on child porn. Time Magazine's recent cover story “Porn and the Threat to Virility” examines how men who watched porn as children and teenagers have started a movement against porn. But ironically within the feminist community there are some feminists who defend pornography and attack the voices of radical anti porn activists. Today, we will hear a talk by anti-porn activist and scholar Gail Dines, professor of Sociology and Women's Studies at Wheelock College, and author of "Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality."

In a talk titled "From the Personal Is Political to the Personal is Personal: Neo-Liberalism and the Defanging of Feminism." Gail Dines, explores how mainstream feminism has lost its way by fighting for the individual rights of a small group of elite white women instead of the collective liberation of all women. Dines argues that some third wave feminism offers a pseudo-empowerment to women who conform to the narrow standards of femininity set by porn culture. She calls for a feminism that is unapologetically fierce in its commitment to radical social change.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016: SHOUT THEIR NAMES Town Hall

This week, Women’s Magazine features excerpts from SHOUT THEIR NAMES, a Town Hall held at the Eastside Arts Alliance in Oakland on July 31st 2016. In response to preventable and tragic deaths, advocates at the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP) held this Town Hall to call attention to the ongoing crisis occurring at California Institution for Women (CIW). The program features an overview of the situation at CIW and comments from the families of several women who have born the brutal impact of the crisis.

Dear Community,
In response to another preventable and tragic death, advocates at the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP) are reaching out to ally organizations in the Bay to call further attention to the ongoing crisis occurring at California Institution for Women (CIW). CIW is at 130 percent capacity and has a suicide rate that is 8 times the national average for people in women’s prisons, and 5 times the rate for all California prisons.  We will be holding a Town Hall on Sunday, July 31st at the Eastside Arts Alliance in Oakland and want to invite your organization to endorse and be part of it.

The injustice and conditions of abuse and violence at CIW are happening inside and outside of prison walls across the country. Too often, lives are being lost to state violence and the majority of lives stolen are Black and Brown, queer and transgender. At CIW, people are dying as a result of direct neglect by cops, and from medical and mental health neglect. Outside, women are being killed by police. In 2013, Kayla Moore, a Black trans woman was killed by the Berkeley police in her home. On May 19, 2016, a Black woman named Jessica Nelson Williams was killed by San Francisco police in the Bayview neighborhood. There are no shortage of examples of punishing people and communities who have survived generations of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia with policing, incarceration and neglect.

Just a few weeks ago Shaylene Graves, a 27 year old Black woman, died from this state violence. She was six weeks away from her release. Before Shaylene, Erika Rocha committed suicide. Erika was 35 years old and had been incarcerated for 21 years. She was one day away from her Youth Parole Hearing. Last November, five people at the CCWF women’s prison were physically abused, sexually harassed and placed in solitary confinement by prison guards. They are planning to bring a suit against the CDCR.

Legal advocates with CCWP are working with and supporting survivors inside and family members outside to get much needed attention and support to those suffering behind these walls. We are reaching out to you because more needs to be done.

We hope that the Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, July 31st, 2016 from 3-5pm at the East Side Arts Alliance can help us connect these struggles and bring more attention to the ongoing crisis at CIW. We hope that you will endorse the event, share the information with your networks and come to Eastside Arts Alliance on July 31st. To endorse the town hall, please email info@womenprisoners.org.

Join us in demanding justice for Shaylene, Erika and all lives stolen by the CDCR and the police. BRING OUR LOVED ONES HOME ALIVE!

In Solidarity,

California Coalition for Women Prisoners

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This program was recorded by Mary Salome and Emily Charles of Queer in Your Ear Productions. For the full recording of the Town Hall go to: https://soundcloud.com/queer-in-your-ear

Also on today's show:
Women's Community Calendar

Women's Community Calendar for the week of August 8th

Now thru August 20th: Collette Uncensored
Performed by Lorri Holt
Written by Zack Rogow & Lorri Holt
Directed by David Ford
The Marsh Berkeley
Thursdays at 8pm | Saturdays at 8:30pm

Friday August 12, 7 to 9 PM: Red Light Lit a part of the Summer of Lust Festival
PianoFight - Main Stage
144 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Saturday August 13, 2 to 4 PM: Sex Workers Writing Workshop
Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission St, San Francisco

Also on today's show:
Shout Their Names

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Women's Community Calendar for the week of August 1st - 6th


July 27–October 23, 2016
Berkeley Art Museum
2155 Center Street

Runaway slave Sojourner Truth gained fame in the nineteenth century as an abolitionist, feminist, and orator. This exhibition showcases the photographic carte de visite portraits of Truth that she sold at lectures and by mail as a way of making a living.

August 18 - 22
Richmond Community Foundation

Each year, QUEER WOMEN OF COLOR MEDIA ARTS PROJECT offers free workshops through our award-winning Filmmaker Training Program.

Our workshops serve queer women of color, gender nonconforming and transgender people of color from teenagers to elders.

To better serve our community, deepen social justice dialogue, and address issues specific to different cultures, QWOCMAP has conducted Filmmaker Training Program workshops for specific populations: youth (ages 18 to 25), folks of color on the butch-genderqueer-transgender spectrum, Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African descent, ChicanXs/LatinXs, Native American/Indigenous/First Nations, and SWANA/AMEMSA (Southwest Asian, North African/Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian) queer women of color, gender nonconforming and transgender people of color. We have also offered workshops focused on immigration and marriage equality.

Intermediate workshops, and advanced training through QWOCMAP Productions, are available to participants who have completed a film through our Introductory workshops.

Our Film & Freedom Academy condenses our Filmmaker Training Program curriculum into intensive 4 day workshops, which are offered in partnership with LGBTQ people of color organizations in underserved regions of California and the U.S.

Please contact TRAINING@qwocmap.org with questions or inquiries.

Queer Theory

Friday 5 August 2016, 7pm
Old Capital Books
599 Tyler St.
Monterey, CA
Facilitated by Ali Elfaki

Queer theory is a diverse field of studies that involves a lot of disparate ideas. It’s a rapidly expanding body of literature that seeks to answer a series of questions about what is normal, how normal comes to exist, and who is excluded or oppressed by those notions of norms. In bed.

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Also on today's show:
Aya de Leon

Monday, August 1, 2016: Aya de Leon talks about her new novel

Tune in now for an hour-long conversation with Bay Area poet, author, activist and educator, Aya de Leon. 

On this special fund drive show, we talk about Aya's first novel, Uptown Thief, her writing career and growing up in the movement in Berkeley. Uptown Thief, just released from Kensington Press last week, is the story of a Puerto Rican/Nuyorican sex worker-turned-feminist health worker who turns to robbing rich men to save her clinic.  Aya discusses her views on sex work, trafficking and the challenges of marketing authentic, subversive fiction centering women of color.

We'll be offering copies of Uptown Thief and Aya's spoken word CD, "Joy in the Struggle" as thank you gifts for your donation during this special fund drive show.  It's the only time during this fund drive that these gifts will be offered (although they should be available on the website whenever you give - so if you can't listen live, you can still support us).

As you have probably heard, if you are a regular KPFA listener, we started this fund drive in the middle of the Democratic National Convention because we don't have the money to pay our bills.  So this is no joke.  If you want to keep KPFA on the air in this time of looming fascism, and if you want Women's Magazine and voices like Aya's to be part of it, please give whatever you can tomorrow.  It's the sad truth that we don't make as much money as a lot of other public affairs shows, and when we do, it's usually with self-help content or books or films by white feminists.  But centering women of color, LGBTQ voices and radical feminists is important to us and you can show that it's important to you by donating during this, our only show of this pledge drive.

Thanks so much to Aya and Kensington Press for donating the copies so that all of your tax-deductible donations will go directly to us.

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Also on today's show:
Women's Community Calendar

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016: Women's Community Calendar

Saturday, July 30th 7PM
Witches and Pagans book release

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists’ Hall
1924 Cedar (@Bonita), Berkeley http://www.bfuu.org

Celebration with author Max Dashu: readings, drummers, special guests, and good conversation

A thousand years ago, an Old English scribe condemned people who “bring their offerings to earth-­fast stone and to trees and wellsprings, as the witches teach.” These animist sacraments contradict everything we have been told about witches. In this book, Max Dashu pulls the covers off repressed cultural heritages in a compelling exploration of language, archaeology, medieval literature and art. The old ethnic names for “witch” meant “knower,” “prophetess,” “healer,” “enchantress,” or “shapeshifter.” Webs of Wyrd, staff-women, herb-chanters, and women who go by night with Goddess: it’s all in here. Witches and Pagans gathers together strands of folk wisdom to reweave the ripped webs of women’s culture in Europe. This book is the first published volume in the Secret History of the Witches series from Veleda Press. 408 pages, 140 illustrations. http://www.veleda.nethttp://www.suppressedhistories.net

Sponsored by the BFUU Social Justice Ctee
Donations for BFUU SJC requested. No one turned away.
Wheelchair accessible.


Saturday, July 30th 3:30 PM
Book Release Party: UPTOWN THIEF by Aya de Leon
La Pena 3105 Shattuck in Berkeley

Come celebrate the breakthrough sexy social justice novel that’s been 8 years in the making! The event will include a reading by Aya de Leon from UPTOWN THIEF, a performance by Vixen Noir, and Aya will be interviewed by Carolina De Robertis. Books will be available for sale!

UPTOWN THIEF by Aya de Leon releases August 2016!

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Also on today's show:
We talk about Barbara Brenner of Breast Cancer Action
Donna Stoneham and Overcoming Obstacles