Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017: Women led marches, protests and actions for everyone

This week on KPFA Radio's Women's Magazine we look at some of the marches, protests and actions happening this week around the issue of patriarchy and gender violence.

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  • We talk to Jadelynn Stahl, cofounder of Disclose, about the intervention they are planning for January 19th at 6:30 pm at Oscar Grant Plaza

to protest the election of an accused rapist and a government that supports gender violence and affirm the possibility of a world without gender-based violence. Join us for a solidarity rally and creative action. For more information and accessibililty questions contact support@disclosesilence.org. More information about the rally and action can be found on Facebook.

  • And lastly we talk to artist Epil about the "Women Who Made Us" project, which is a call to the strength of the generations of women who came before us. They will be carrying photos of our female ancestors and offering to print posters of others ancestors. WomenWhoMadeUs@gmail.com for information on this action.

Information and links for marches:

We will meet at Madison Park in Oakland at 10AM.  At 11AM we will begin our march up Oak Street to Grand Avenue along Lake Merritt.  We will then march down Broadway to end at Frank Ogawa Plaza.  At 12:30PM we will begin our rally with speakers, art and music concluding at 3PM.

Time of March: 10AM - 3PM
Starting Location: Madison Park
Ending Location: Frank Ogawa Plaza
No tickets required. Please register on our Eventbrite page.

We will rally with speakers, arts and music from 3 - 5PM at Civic Center in San Francisco. At 5PM we will begin our candlelight march down Market St. to Justin Herman Plaza.

Time of Rally: 3 - 5PM
Time of March: 5 - 8PM
Starting Location: Civic Center
Ending Location: Justin Herman Plaza
No tickets required. Please register on our Eventbrite page.


Time: 10AM -3PM
Starting Location: City Hall
Ending Location: Cesar Chavez Plaza
No tickets required. Please register for the event on Eventbrite.


Today's show also has information about the KPFA apprentice program. Applications are due January 27 for this excellent 18 month program. More information at www.kpfaapprentice.org. Email at Apprentice@kpfa.org. Phone 510-848-6767 ext 235.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Monday, January 2, 2016: Cultures of Resistance: The Dance Brigade

Krissy Keefer
Photo by Beatriz Escobar

In part 2 of today's show we talk to Krissy Keefer, Artistic Director of the Dance Brigade, the Bay Area's dynamic multi-racial troupe of women proving that socially relevant dance can be technically brilliant, as well as exuberant with down-home hilarious fun. The Dance Brigade celebrates its 40th anniversary January 13th and 14th with shows at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

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photo by Robbie Sweeny

Joining Dance Brigade to celebrate their historic past on this 40th anniversary will be many artists and musicians who broke the ground on cultural diversity and community engagement in the 70's and 80's. They include international peace activist and vocalist Holly Near and musical director Christelle Durandy, among others. GRACIAS A LA VIDA will celebrate the fusion of art, politics, dance, and music that form the rich and unique foundation of our Bay Area arts community, giving thanks to the collective legacy of Dance Brigade and its local and international collaborators!

January 13-14, 2017
Friday 7:30pm
Saturday 3pm & 7:30pm

Dance Brigade presents 
Gracias a la Vida - Love in a Bitter Time
40th Anniversary Celebration

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
700 Howard Street, SF
Phone: 415-978-2787

TICKETS: $10-$40; $5 Saturday Matinee

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Also on today's show:
The Canadian Jewish Left

Monday, January 2, 2017: Cultures of Resistance: The Canadian Jewish Left

Ester Reiter, Senior Scholar in the School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at York University in Toronto, talks about her new book, A Future Without Hate or Need: the Promise of the Jewish Left in Canada. It's a fascinating history of an immigrant community where culture and politics were intricately linked.

Listen now or Get MP3. 35:53 min

About A Future Without Hate or Need:

Driven from their homes in Russia, Poland, and Romania by pogroms and poverty, many Jews who came to Canada in the wave of immigration after the 1905 Russian revolution were committed radicals. A Future Without Hate or Need brings to life the rich and multi-layered lives of a dissident political community, their shared experiences and community-building cultural projects, as they attempted to weave together their ethnic particularity—their identity as Jews—with their internationalist class politics.

purchase at your local bookstore, find at your library or
order online at https://btlbooks.com/book/future-without-hate-or-need

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Also on today's show:
The Dance Brigade

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Monday, December 26, 2016: Strategies in the worst times

Why have things gotten so bad and where do we go from here?

Rachel Herzing

Rebecca Gordon

Rinku Sen

Rinku Sen of Race Forward and Colorlines, Rachel Herzing, cofounder of Critical Resistance and co-director of Center for Political Education, and Rebecca Gordon, author and professor at University of San Francisco join Kate Raphael to discuss strategies and lessons for the current crisis.

"Thinking in decades is crucial."
"Build cultural, social and political movements."
"Love and solidarity will be more important than ever."

Kate says: "These women blew me away with their ability to articulate both critique and vision. I came away more hopeful as well as more determined to be deliberate and strategic in responding to the crisis of democracy in our country."

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016: Feminist culture producers make sense of the moment

What lessons should and shouldn’t we take from the election debacle, and how do we seize on the strengths we have right now to turn in a new direction? 

Kate Raphael sits down with Uruguayan born novelist Carolina de Robertis,  filmmaker Pamela Harris and acclaimed poet, performer and novelist Aya de Leon.

Carolina De Robertis is author of The Invisible Mountain, Perla and The Gods of Tango and teaches creative writing at San Francisco State University. She is also a former staff member at Bay Area Women Against Rape and co-founder of Exhale, a nonjudgmental after-abortion talkline which calls itself Pro-Voice.

Pamela Harris’s extensive credits include the award-winning documentary Land of Promise: The Story of Allensworth, about a historically black town in California that faces the threat of encroachment by agribusiness; Waging a Living, a PBS documentary about low-wage working families and the Oscar-nominated Long Night’s Journey into Day, about South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. A former Fulbright Fellow, she holds a masters degree in journalism from UC Berkeley.

Aya de Leon’s is Director of June Jordan’s Poetry for the People, teaching poetry and spoken word at UC Berkeley. Her work has appeared in the Village Voice, Washington Post, American Theatre Magazine, and has been featured on Def Poetry, in Essence Magazine, and various anthologies and journals. She was named best discovery in theater for 2004 by the SF Chronicle for “Thieves in the Temple : The Reclaiming of Hip Hop.” Her first novel, UPTOWN THIEF, a Latina Robin Hood heist story, was published earlier this year.

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ADDRESS 1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley CA 94704
PHONE 510.848.6767 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016: Brilliant radical Black feminist Keeanga-Yamhatta Taylor

On today's Women's Magazine, Kate Raphael invites us to listen to a fabulous talk by one of the most sophisticated and clear-thinking analysts of the current situation we've heard yet. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor is assistant professor in the department of African American Studies at Princeton University. Her book, From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation, won the 2016 Lannan Cultural Freedom Award for an Especially Notable Book.

Michael C. Dawson, author of Blacks In and Out of the Left, says, "Deeply rooted in Black radical, feminist and socialist traditions, Taylor’s book is an outstanding example of the type of analysis that is needed to build movements for freedom and self-determination in a far more complicated terrain than that confronted by the activists of the 20th century."

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Taylor spoke on Monday, December 5, at Impact Hub in Oakland. She challenged the assertion that the election represents a "whitelash" by blue collar white voters, presents a persuasive counter-narrative that points to possible ways forward for a multiracial working class-oriented social justice movement.

We are raising money (hopefully) to support Women's Magazine and KPFA by offering Taylor's book and/or a CD or DVD of her talk as a thank you gift for your pledge to KPFA.  Please donate by calling 1-800-439-5732 or going to www.kpfa.org to give securely online.  Whatever you can spare is really appreciated and important.  We're hanging on by a thread and funding is likely to get tighter in the coming months.

Thanks so much to those of you who have donated over the last twelve years to keep our show on air. Hopefully we can do it for another twelve!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016: Wanna Have Fun? Bonnie Burton and Crafting with Feminism

Women's Magazine this Monday, December 5 is just going to be super-fun. No heavy stuff. 

I talk with Bonnie Burton about Crafting With Feminism. Tampons with sequins, Ruth Bader Ginsburg finger puppets - you can't beat it. And find out what a huggable uterus pillow is. Just in time for the holidays, surprise all your friends with vagina tree ornaments, NOPE necklaces or other hand-made rad gifts. Find the book at your favorite bookstore or library.

Listen now or Get MP3. 28:48 min

Plus find out whether it's really darkest before the dawn and hear some upbeat music.

No more doldrums! Time to pick it up.

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Also on today's show: