Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014: Fracking for the Cure?

Stop Empty Awareness

Then we talk with Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action, about the Susan B. Komen Foundation's latest deal with the devil: its partnership with the company Baker-Hughes, which makes tools for fracking oil and gas. The company painted 1000 of its drill bits Komen's signature pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and donated $100,000 to Komen.

Komen is accepting money from the very source that causes breast cancer creating an insidious profit cycle. At least 25% of the chemicals used in fracking cause cancer. Breast Cancer Action takes a stand against the Komen Foundation's commercialization of breast cancer and outlines the ways in which the pink ribbon culture distracts from meaningful progress on breast cancer.

Who isn't aware of breast cancer? What is needed is funding for research into root causes, primary prevention and protection. What is needed is funding for treatments that focus on metastasis, treatments that are affordable and less toxic. What is needed is funding for low income cancer patients so that they may continue treatment and have other necessary services. Honor the diversity of women's experience with breast cancer. Care about women's full lives.

Click here to listen to the show. 59:50 min.

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