Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014: BAD FEMINIST Roxane Gay

Wanting Equality for Women: Roxanne Gay Discusses her Essays and Writings

And Tara Dorabji interviews author Roxane Gay, about her new collection of essays, "Bad Feminist." Gay is also the author of the novel AN UNTAMED STATE and a frequent contributor to Salon, The Guardian and The New York Times Book Review.

"I don't mind men taking care of cars and trash."

Our bodies are still under legislative control. Women still don't have the same rights as men. Gay discusses the sanctity of choice and the physical and ecomomic consequences to pregnancy.

Gay writes and talks about what it means to depict sexual violence. She talks about rape culture and how necessary it is to ethically depict sexual violence and to stop exploiting rape for craven means. Listen to how she sees the world as a "bad feminist."

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