Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013: Earth Day on Women's Magazine: Ecofeminism, Animal Rights and Factory Farming

Katie Cantral of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Did you know that factory farming has polluted over 35,000 miles of rivers in the US?

In this segment, Sharon Sobotta interviews Katie Cantral, Executive Director of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition. 99% of animal products come from factory farms. Ten billion animals are raised every year in the US on factory farms. This method of raising animals is cruel to the animals, bad for the environment and a huge source of labor injustices. Katie says it takes 2000 gallons of water to raise a pound of beef and 35 gallons of water to raise a pound of vegetables. Chemicals used in the production of milk have been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Katie gives us an enlightened and empowering way to make a difference on all aspects of this important cause.

Listen now or Get MP3. 35:09 min. 

Interviews with Ecofeminist Foremothers Marti Kheel and Wangari Maathai

In the next segment, we hear past interviews with two ecofeminist foremothers who have since died: Lisa Dettmer speaks with Marti Kheel, founder of Feminists for Animal Rights and author of Nature's Ethics.
Marti Kheel

Preeti Shekar sits down with Wangari Maathai, Nobel Laureate, founder of Green Belt Movement and author of Unbowed and Replenishing the Earth.
Wangari Maathai

Plus poetry by Kathryn KirkpatrickClick here to listen to poem by Kathryn Kirkpatrick or Get MP3. 1:23 min.

Listen now or Get MP3 for the interview with Wangari Maathai. 10:48 min.

The Marti Kheel interview can be heard here. Audio 28:48 min.

To listen to entire show click here. 59:38 min.


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