Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Women's Magazine April 29, 2013: Daily Sexism

When Deborah Copaken Kogan learned she was long-listed for Britain's Women's Prize for Fiction, she looked it up and found that it was nearly always preceded with the words "prestigious" and "controversial."  What's the controversy?  Some people think the time for separate literary prizes for men and women is past; women are equal in fiction, right?  Not so, says the author of The Red Book and Shutterbabe.  She speaks with Kate Raphael about the "little paper cuts" of sexism from the literary establishment and her article "My So-Called Feminist Life in Arts and Letters" published in the April 13 issue of The Nation.  Listen now:

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And as May Day approaches, we hear from Aileen Clarke Hernandez, second president of the National Organization for Women, labor organizer and the first woman appointed to the EEOC.  Hernandez talks about the role of radical economic justice activists in creating what we think of as liberal middle-class feminism.  Listen below:

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Listen to entire show, including music by Joan Baez and spoken word by Yazmin Monet Watkins. 

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