Monday, July 15, 2013

July 8 - Coup in Egypt; Saving City College; and a Life in Revolution

Egypt: Military Coup or a Further Revolution?

courtesy:  Shimaa Helmy
Blogger and organizer Shimaa Helmy, who was involved in the January 25 revolution in Egypt from Day One, shares her concerns about the military overthrow of Mohammed Morsi and the epidemic of sexual violence against women protesters.

Listen (16:02)

Takes an Uprising:  A Memoir in Lesbian Parables

Patricia Jackson walked her first picket line in 1964, as part of a wildcat teacher's strike in Louisville, Kentucky.  That began a life of activism and challenging racism, patriarchy and class inequality from California to the Ozarks.  She lived on women's land, participated in the early Women's Music scene, became a Communist, and is now active in the Gray Panthers and an intergenerational queer storytelling project.

In this interview she talks about her life, the lessons she thinks are most useful for the present, and the adventure of self-publishing her memoir, Takes an Uprising.

Saving City College

San Francisco City College is one of the most innovative community colleges in the country.  It had one of the first Women's Studies and the very first LGBT Studies program in the country.  Last week, the faculty and students of San Francisco City College were shocked when the private Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges—the ACCJC— announced that it planned to terminate the college's accreditation in July 2014. The Herculean efforts of the college over a short nine months were rejected as inadequate. The threat of closure could become real unless the College can turn itself inside out and meet the commission’s demands.

Leslie Simon, former Chair of the Women's Studies Department and current coordinator of Project SURVIVE, the campus sexual violence prevention program, talks about what is behind the commission's recommendation and we can stop it.

Listen (10:47)

Read Leslie's excellent explanation of the roots of the "crisis."

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