Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016: Celebrating Grace Lee Boggs

This Monday March 14th on KPFA Radio's Women's Magazine we talk to Sam Lai and Margo Okazawa- Rey, two of the organizers of the upcoming 3 day event,  "Celebrating Grace Lee Boggs: a Century of Love and Struggle." Rooted for 75 years in the labor, civil rights and Black Power movements,  Grace Lee Boggs  challenged  a new generation to throw off old assumptions, think creatively and redefine revolution for our times. On Friday March 18th through Sunday March 20th there will be three days of activities including airing of the documentary "American Revolutionary",  a celebration of Art and Revolution put on by the Theater of the Oppressed, and a panel on Sunday discussing Bogg's philosophy and activism with scholars and activists. Follow the link, "Celebrating Grace Lee Boggs: a Century of Love and Struggle" for schedule of events.  

Click here to listen to entire show. 59:50 min

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