Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 17, 2014: Whole Foods Workers in For the Fight

Workers and supporters at November 6th rally

We'll also talk with three of the women involved in the unionization campaign at the SOMA Whole Foods. The grocery chain offers a pre-cooked organic turkey dinner for 8 for $160. CEO John Mackey claims that Whole Foods has the highest profits as a percentage of sales of the Fortune 500 businesses but their employees are still paid under market wages.

Two weeks ago workers and supporters in San Francisco approached the south of Market Whole Foods to demand raises and the right to unionize with the IWW. Here is their story of what happened on November 6th.

For more information and to support the workers of Whole Foods go to their website at Whole Foods Market Workers Unite.

Listen now or get MP3. 17:37 min.

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