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June 23, 20124: Raising Resilient Children

Raising Resilient Children in the 21st Century

Tara Dorabji talks with Dr. Shimi Kang, author of The Dolphin Way, and Dr. Ernest Swihart, author of The Manipulative Child: How to Regain Control and Raise Resilient, Resourceful and Independent Kids.

Dr. Shimi Kang talks about parenting, balancing, and living without "boiling over." Her research is on the science of self-motivation. She emphasizes how to reduce the stress of parenting to help raise a child with skills for the 21st century.

Dr. Kang uses the POD acronym: Play, Others, Downtime. The Dolphin Way is available in most bookstores and at

Next Tara interviews Dr. Ernest Swihart, a pediatrician and professor in Minnesota. Drs. Swihart and Cotter, a pediatrician and a child psychologist collaborated for nearly twenty-five years on a clinically proven program for blocking manipulative behavior and getting our kids back on track. The Manipulative Child explores letting a child fail without being hurt. He maintains that children learn far more from failure than success won without effort.

The program teaches parents to say no without feeling guilt; to resist the urge to feel responsible for their child's happiness; to view their children as emotionally competent and resilient; and most importantly, to realize that effective parenting means allowing your child to make mistakes and develop a sense of competence, which leads to enhanced self-esteem and an ability to live independently and successfully in the real world.

Listen now or Get MP3 39:55 min.

Don't give in to cynicism and despair. Popular resistant prevents war sometimes!! Demonstrations do help. Whatever you are able to do can help stop the US from waging further attacks on Iraq. Click here to listen the entire show for how demonstrations work and more. 59:52 min.

Also on today's show: Barbara Ehrenreich discusses her memoir, Living With a Wild God, with Alicia Sierra.

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