Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6, 2014 - Tahrir Square; Home Birth in CA; and Pink Ribbon Culture

The Square documentary about Tahrir Square

Jehane Noujaim discusses her film, THE SQUARE, which documents the Egyptian revolution from its earliest days through the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi.  Jehane also talks about the role of violence against women in suppressing the protests, who was behind it and why.  Is it worse now in Egypt in general and for women in particular? Noujaim has a refreshing veiwpoint. THE SQUARE, on the short list for an Oscar, opens at the Roxie on January 17, and becomes available on Netflix at the same time.
30:00 min.

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New CA law AB1308 and Home Birth

photo from www.cafamiliesformidwives.org

Tara Dorabji talks with midwife Treesa McLean about a new California law which will greatly expand access to midwifery and home birth, but also restricts the ability of women with "high risk" pregnancies to choose home birth and midwifery care.Tara and Treesa discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the new law AB1308. The new law opens the door for midwives and licensed birth centers to bill MediCal. However, the self-determination clause has been removed, which makes it illegal for a midwife to attend a high-risk home birth. California Families for Midwives advocates for more choices including where, how, and who attends women during their children's birth. 17:00 min

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The Pink Ribbon Culture; Narratives on Breast Cancer

And we hear part of Caity Goerke’s interview with Emilia Nielsen, whose research on breast cancer narratives reveals that women feel pressured to "perform" breast cancer in a way that emphasizes optimism. This approach, fueled by the pink ribbon industry, delegitimizes anger and activism, says Nielsen. It robs women of the productive power of anger and focuses only on cure and not causes. This program is excerpted from a syndicated feminist radio show, the F Word, station CFRO out of Vancouver, BC. Click on the link to find archives of previous shows from The F Word. 13:09 min.

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To listen to the entire KPFA show with music, movie clips and more click here. 58:10 min.

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