Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25th: Worlds beyond what we can see: Science fiction author and blogger Kameron Hurley

We speak with science fiction author and blogger Kameron Hurley, author of three books: God's War, Rapture and Infidel. Kameron studied history and talks about how she became a science fiction writer described as "somewhat on the feminist side" and that it's okay to be female, powerful and strong. Kameron became a science fiction writer in an effort to build different societies with different mores than what exists. She talks about censorship and bullying in the science fiction and fantasy writers community. Also, what it is like to be a conscientious science fiction writer in a racist, sexist society and how she confronts those voices in herself and her own writings.


Check out Kameron's great blog.
Also in this show, an interview with playwright Mona Mansour, as well as clips from authors Arundathi Roy and Andrea Smith.  Listen to entire show.

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