Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 2: Labor Day on Women's Magazine - Fast Food Workers, Syria and Helen Thomas


Rafif Jouejati, among many other activities is spokesperson for the Local Coordination Committees in Syria. LCC is the largest non-violent activists organization on the ground in Syria. The Committees focus on reporting crimes against humanity, humanitarian relief and finding funds for many other projects. She also is the director of Free Syria that works primarily with Syrian women to restore equality and education to empower women in Syria. Rafif Jouejati talks with Kate Raphael about the prospect of US military intervention and her vision of life after Assad.

Check out the Facebook group Stop the killing, we want to build a country for all Syrians to read diverse statements from the Liberation Struggle.

Thank you Helen Thomas
"Thank you Mr. President!"

Women's Magazine remembers the groundbreaking journalist Helen Thomas, with friend, author and civil rights leader Daphne Muse, Arab American journalist Gale Courey-Toensing, plus interviews and clips from Thomas's 5-decade career. Helen Thomas was an out-spoken, very intelligent and progressive reporter. She was not afraid to express her opinions on the tough subjects and explain later when required.

Fast Food Workers Strike


Plus food service and concessions workers at Oakland airport, along with other low-wage workers around the country, strike for fair wages and benefits. Fast food workers strike for one day for doubling the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15. Two-thirds of fast food workers are women and the average age is 32 years.

Listen to the entire show from KPFA archives. 59 min.

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