Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013: Syria & the Left; Cheryl Marie Wade; Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic Fundraiser

Do's & Don'ts for Progressives Discussing Syria

Syrian American activist Ramah Kudaimi says progressives need to stop talking about Syria as Iraq redux, but learn about the actual history and people of Syria.  While opposing U.S. intervention, Kudaimi says we need to put the blame for the devastation and enormous loss of life in Syria where it belongs, on the Assad regime, and not use rhetoric of "both sides are wrong" or "it's just a civil war and we should stay out of it."  Kudaimi is the author of a recent article in Mondoweiss, laying out some good practices for progressives talking about Syria.

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Cheryl Marie Wade: Disability Culture Pioneer

We pay tribute to Cheryl Marie Wade, award-winning poet, playwright, performer and disability activist.  We hear excerpts of her performances, poetry and interviews with Cheryl, and talk with her friends Pamela Walker and Corbett O'Toole and disability culture author and consultant Simi Linton.

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Anthology edited by Cheryl Marie Wade, Range of Motion

Female Vocalist Extravaganza: A Benefit for Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic

We talk with Gabriella Heinsheimer, Medical Director of the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic.  Charlotte Maxwell provides free accupuncture, massage, herbs and imaging therapy, as well as a range of other services like food and transportation, to low income women with cancer.

On Sunday afternoon, September 22, a group of extraordinary female vocalists will perform in a benefit for the clinic.  We sample music by two of the performers, Ana Maria Flechero and Ellen Robinson.

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