Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5: Harvesting Human Eggs & International Surrogacy; Abortion Rights Freedom Ride

Harvesting Human Eggs & International Surrogacy: Risks to Health & Human Rights

Discussing California AB 926 (on Governor Brown's desk as of August 5th): A bill that would repeal the current limits on compensation for women who 'donate' their eggs to research, and elevate it to $5-10K. Framed as a 'women's equity' bill, it neglects the health risks of invasive egg donation procedures. We'll discuss the history of this legislation, the health risks - as seen in the acclaimed documentary Eggsploitation - as well the legal argument against harvesting human eggs & the under-regulated industry of international surrogacy.

Featured Guests:
Diane Tober, PhD, Assoc. Executive Director of the Center for Genetics and Society 
Jennifer Lahl, Executive Producer & Director of the Award Winning documentary Eggsploitation: The Fertility Industry has a Dirty Little Secret - 
Mona Lisa Wallace, Esq.

Abortion Rights Freedom Ride

Plus the first in a series of live reports from the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride going around the country to raise awareness about the legislative assault on women's rights.

Listen to the entire show. 59 min.

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