Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1st: Focus on Emerging Writers


  • Pamela Olson discusses her new memoir Fast Times in Palestine: A Love Affair with a Homeless Homeland. An East Oklahoma girl, Olson stumbled into Palestine and ended up staying for two years and becoming the press coordinator for a presidential candidate.

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  • Carolina de Robertis talks with Nina Serrano and reads from her novel, Perla, which explores the legacy of Argentina's "dirty war" through one of the "stolen children" of the disappeared.
  • De Robertis grew up in a Uruguayan family that immigrated to England, Switzerland, and California. Prior to completing her first book, she worked in women’s rights organizations for ten years, on issues ranging from rape to immigration. She makes her permanent home in Oakland, California, though she is spending 2013 in Montevideo, where she’s working on her third novel, about migration, sexual frontiers, and the tango’s Old Guard in early twentieth century South America.
  • Carolina asked you to buy her book at your local independent bookstore.
  • www.carolinaderobertis.com
 This piece was produced by Nina Serrano from La Raza Chronicles/Cronica de la Raza

Listen now or Get MP3 18:35 min.

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