Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th: Nora Ephron remembered; Playing with Fear

The Feminism of Nora Ephron


Looking back at the life, work and contribution to feminism of writer, director and humorist Nora Ephron. Audio 26:51

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Her movies were called fluff and schmaltz, scorned by feminists and promoters of "serious art." But is that really just a reflection of society's disdain for middle-class, middle-aged women? So says Sady Doyl, publisher of

Nora Ephron was an unapologetic feminist. She made fun of the women's movement, not to denigrate it but because it was part of her. Hear her talk about climate change, small breasts, Newsweek, and lots more.

The Siren Project's Playing with Fear

Roke Noir, Founding Artistic Director of The Siren Theatre Project, speaks with Kate Raphael about her upcoming multimedia theatre work "Playing with Fear" on July 29th, which weaves together the personal stories of a group of Bay Area women artists. Audio 25:42

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"Playing with Fear," is a multimedia theater project directed by Roke Noir, produced by Siren Theatre Project and presented by an all-women cast and crew.

Share in the real stories from a diverse group of Bay Area women who collaborated for over three months facing, understanding, and playing with their fears. This unique hybrid, an experimental ensemble performance, exposes their explorations through word, image and movement. Join us in this life-changing journey to see magic unfold as these raw personal stories tug at your heart's core and leave you transformed forever.

Click here to listen to the entire show as it aired on KPFA at 1 PM on July 9th.

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