Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 11th: Breast Cancer Awareness Month and an interview with Amina Mama

This week on Women's Magazine, we speak with Nigerian feminist scholar Amina Mama about the growing pan-African feminism and its response to AFRICOM; and we hear about how one woman and her daughter dealt with the challenge of breast cancer. Plus a few words about the corporate campaign against breast cancer and the Women's Community Calendar.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - A Critique and a Story

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or more accurately Corporate Breast Cancer Promotion Month. A few thoughts, and an inspiring story. Audio 16:38

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Susie Miller-Reed was a single mother and a self-described workaholic when she was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago. The journey through cancer brought Susie and her daughter Reema al-Zaban closer to each other, and led Reema to create a powerful photo exhibit. Sharon Sobotta reports for KPFA Women's Magazine.

Feminists Respond to AFRICOM: An interview with Amina Mama

Preeti Shekar interviews Nigerian feminist scholar Amina Mama, chair of Gender and Women's Studies at U.C. Davis and Global Fund for Women's Africa programs. Audio 34:05

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How is AFRICOM, the U.S. Central Command for Africa, contributing to militarization on the African continent? What other trends are increasing militarism on the continent, and how are feminists responding? Scholar/activist Amina Mama discusses the evolution of a pan-African feminism, much of it in the African diaspora, and also how it links to feminist and anti-capitalist movements in other areas such as Haiti.

"All of us have within us the means to join the dots," she challenges both northern and Southern feminists.

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