Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 1 Show: Human Rights Are Gender Rights from Haiti to the Super Bowl

Today on our show, we look at how human and gender rights workers are supporting grassroots earthquake relief in Haiti; and we talk about the controversy surrounding the Focus on the Family commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl. Plus a moving tribute to feminist theologian Mary Daly.

Listen to entire show, including music by Toshi Reagon and Mamina and poetry by Suheir Hammad and Janet Stickmon, on the KPFA archive.

(Photo: copyright Zanmi Lasante, Partners in Health)

Haiti: Human Rights, Gender Rights and Humanitarian Aid

Rivian Berlin of Women's Magazine speaks with Yfat Susskind, Director of MADRE, about the crisis in Haiti. MADRE began its work in Central America during the 1980s, working with local women's groups to counter U.S. policy of intervention in the region. It has been active in Haiti for many years and was one of the first organizations to mobilize effective aid after the devastating earthquake. 20:58
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CBS: Pull the Ad

Destiny Lopez of ACCESS Women's Health Rights Coalition talks with KPFA Women's Magazine's Kate Raphael about the Focus on the Family ad to run during the Super Bowl. Women's groups have organized to pressure CBS to pull the ad. (Join the campaign) 16:25
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Radical feminist theologian Mary Daly, who died last month at age 81, transformed the language in which we critique patriarchy. In this short clip (copyright, Pacifica Archives, permission required for rebroadcast), she reads from her Wickedary, a reimagining of the English language based on feminist principles.
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