Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beyond Gay Marriage - Special Documentary Premiere

This special one-hour broadcast is a documentary offering a radical Queers critique of the Gay Marriage movement and how it is driving a more assimiliationist gay politics. It is 40 years since the Stonewall rebellion generated the birth of the gay liberation movement, but the gay movement today is a far different movement than the radical politics of the 1960’s. While many have assumed that gay marriage is important to most Queers, this documentary challenges that myth and shows how the emphasis on gay marriage is part of the loss of a radical Queer critique. We discuss how we got to where we are and what kind of political work radical Queers are dong. You will hear the voices of many radical queers and academics sharing their perspective on what a radical Queer movement and politics could be.

This documentary includes the voices of:
Kenyon Farrow, Executive Director of Queers for Economic Justice
Brian Bassinger, Executive Director, Aids Housing Alliance of San Francisco

Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco
Professor Lisa Duggan, NYU
Professor Dean Spade , Seattle University School of Law
Professor Priya Kandaswamy, University of Portland
and many more dynamic and articulate voices for LGBT liberation in the context of all liberation.

Don't miss "Beyond Gay Marriage".

"Beyond Gay Marriage" was produced as part of Queer Radical Voices. For other groundbreaking documentaries on queer issues you don't usually hear about, check out http://queerradio.blogspot.com/.

To learn more about people and groups who are building a queer liberation agenda, see http://www.beyondmarriage.org/.

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