Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 3: Shedding Light on an Invisible War: Military Sexual Trauma

Global Val Ibarra of Mutiny Radio speaks with Army veterans Latonia Dixon and Katie Weber.

Kori Cioca, US Coast Guard, and husband Rob in an emotional interview, from THE INVISIBLE WAR, a Cinedigm/Docurama Films release.
They are just two of the brave women speaking out about the atrocious and rampant lack of justice and recourse for soldiers in the U.S. military who are victims of rape, as well as the long road to healing.

A recent film called "The Invisible War"( Winner of the Sundance Audience Award, 2012) highlights this pressing issue and we stand at a historic time to reevaluate the very core of military impunity.

Listen to the show

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