Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Monday, June 4, 2018: Chrystos: Poet in Action

This week on Women's Magazine:

courtesy Poetry Foundation

Chrystos is a Native American of the Menominee nation, born in 1946 and raised in San Francisco. A political activist and speaker as well as an artist and writer, she is self educated. Her tireless momentum is directed at better understanding how issues of colonialism, genocide, class and gender affect the lives of women and Native people.

Her books include Fugitive Colors, Not Vanishing, Dream On, Fire Power and In Her I Am.

In 1995, Queer in Your Ear (Emily Charles & Mary Salome) interviewed Chrystos about her activism and poetry, and recorded her reading at two venues in San Francisco, Luna Sea and Old Wives' Tales. The monthly program Queer in Your Ear was cancelled before the program could air. Chrystos' words continue to inspire us, and we are very happy to bring excerpts from the readings and interview to you for the first time now, decades later.

Click here to listen now. 59:50 min

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