Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Monday, November 6, 2017: Averting US War in Korea

Saturday is Veterans' Day, but once it was Armistice Day. The Korean War ended with an armistice 64 years ago; a peace treaty was supposed to be negotiated but never was. As 45 heads to South Korea, we speak with Gwyn Kirk of Women Cross DMZ and Suze Duggan of Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans (HOBAK) about what ordinary Koreans want and the impact of the US military bases in South Korea.

Listen now or Get MP3. 35:41 min

Women Cross DMZ
Women Cross DMZ are women peacemakers from around the world walking for peace in Korea. We are Nobel Peace Laureates, feminist authors, peace activists, human rights lawyers, professors, former parliamentarians, faith leaders, humanitarian aid workers, filmmakers, artists, a retired Army Colonel and a recipient of the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom. Click here for an archive of Women Cross DMZ webinars on Youtube.

Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans
Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans are a collective of Koreans in the Bay Area, including queer and trans Koreans, mixed race Koreans and Korean adoptees, who are committed to building solidarity towards peace and demilitarization in Korea. Find them on FaceBook.

Click here to listen to entire show. 59:50 min

For accurate information, news and analysis on Korea visit:
Korea Policy Institute
Zoom in Korea
Social Justice Journal article - US Standoff with North Korea: Why Talk Is the Only Realistic Option

Veterans for Peace: sign the Peoples Peace Treaty 

Local Events this week:
Thursday, November 09, 2017
International Sanctions and the Sino-North Korean Border Economy Colloquium
5-7 pm
145 Dwinelle Hall - UC Berkeley
Featured Speaker: Kevin Gray, University of Sussex
Sponsor: Center for Korean Studies

Friday, November 10, 2017
Averting U.S. War on North Korea
7-9 pm
First Congregational Church of Oakland (United Church of Christ)
2501 Harrison St, Oakland, California 94612
Hosted by The Center for Political Education

Saturday, November 11, 2017
Korea Peace Walk: No War on Korea!
Saturday at 1-4 pm

Meet at 1pm at 23rd and Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA
Hosted by HOBAK - Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans and Korea Policy Institute

Also on today's show:
Defending Academic Freedom at SF State

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