Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017: Author Susan Griffin

Photo: Irene Young

Next we are joined by activist-author who has written books about many disparate subjects: Susan Griffin is author of 20 books over 50 years, including the classic Woman and Nature. Her latest work (in progress) is The Ice Dancer's Tale, her first novel about global warming and the creative process.

"We've lost an understanding of what democracy is."

Susan Griffin and Kate Raphael will be in conversation on May 21 at the second of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Peace Talks, from 3-5 pm at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley.  Susan will be talking about How War Erodes and Destroys Democracies, which we also touch on in today's interview.

Click here to listen to entire show. 59:50

Also on today's show:
Activist and former political prisoner Bo Brown
Author Ellen Meeropol

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