Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017: Honoring our Mothers

Madres of the Plaza de Mayo
Mothers of the disappeared in Argentina

Today on KPFA radio's Women's Magazine Lisa Dettmer presents an early Mother’s Day tribute by daughters to their mothers who are often not recognized or appreciated and who have survived the war on women, some damaged, some whole.  You will hear the authentic and more complicated stories of daughters and mothers from Palestine to Argentina who bring out the pain and strength of mothers who have had to deal with issues of sexism,  poverty, racism and immigration in a society and world that often provides no day care, no pay for housework  and little economic support for women generally and mothers in particular and yet pretends to glorify motherhood and mothers.

Lisa Dettmer and her mother, Suzanne Adler

Click here to listen now. 59:50 min

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