Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017: Linda Burnham speaks at "People Get Ready"

"This is not such a hot time for you or for me..." -June Jordan

Linda Burnham

Speaking at the Center for Political Education's one-day conference, "People Get Ready: Building Resistance in the Trump Era," Linda Burnham, research director of Domestic  Workers United and cofounder of the Women of Color Resource Center speaks about dialectics: how we resolve apparent conflicts between dealing with immediate realities and urgencies and the longer arc and deeper dynamics of history; how to build the ranks of the left at the same time that we try to build the broadest possible alignment against authoritarianism, and the relationship between revolutionary imagination and the world as it actually is. Burnham's speech is aired in its entirety.

"There's no way to understand what just happened by following the news."-Burnham

Coming off the tremendous outpouring of energy on Saturday all over the country, this thrilling talk will leave you invigorated and motivated to get on to the next organizing challenge!

Click here to listen now. 59:50 min

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