Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016: Reproductive Health and Trans/Feminist Conflict

Becoming Trans Inclusive

Today on KPFA Radio's Women's Magazine we will look at a current issue in the conflict that's been brewing between the feminist and trans community for many years.  We will  hear a talk by UC Berkeley Professor Wendy Brown on the war between some larger reproductive rights groups and with trans activists that demand that reproductive groups  drop the word "woman" and replace it  with "reproductive autonomy for all people" because using the word "woman" can exclude trans men from inclusion in reproductive language. Find the complete videos of Professor Brown's lecture, Women Dissolved or Defended? The Naming Debate in Reproductive Freedom at Symposium: Feminist Change and the University.

Click here to listen now. 59:50 min

Also on today's show:

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