Wednesday, March 11, 2015

International Women's Day Special: Women Who Built Free Speech Radio

On International Women's Day, March 8, 2015, the women of KPFA produced 25 hours of special programming including talk, music, culture, and spirituality.

Photo by Paul Richards

As part of this day of programming, we took time to hear from and appreciate three women who have all been at KPFA for over three decades, through thick and thin, bringing their unique voices and multitude of talents and helping to keep it true to its mission, to be the voice of the voiceless.

Nina Serrano is the long-time host of La Raza Chronicles/Cronicas de la Raza and Book Waves.  She is an internationally acclaimed poet, director, filmmaker and cultural worker.  For the last seven years she has been working to eliminate violence against women in the US and internationally.

Avotcja is currently host of Bebop,  Cubop and The Musical Truth.  She is a Bay Area icon, multiinstrumentalist, DeeJay, teacher and performer.  Her poetry has been published in English & Spanish in the USA, Mexico & Europe, and in more Anthologies than she remembers. She is founder and director of The Clean Scene Theater Project (AKA) Proyecto Teatral De La Escena Sobria". She teaches Creative Writing, Storytelling & Drama in public schools.

Jennifer Stone is a novelist, poet, essayist as well as a radio programmer. Stone's Throw, her witty, fast-talking program of social commentary and literary analysis "Stone’s Throw," has long been a fixture at KPFA.

Over 70 people gathered on Sunday in the Performance Room at the station to honor these three remarkable women.

Listen to the interviews with Nina, Avotcja and Jennifer

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