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July 14, 2014: Tomboy, the Art of Nancy Cato

First up: Grief in Palestine

The death toll in Gaza climbs daily. More than 200 Palestinians have died; 1 in 4 are children. The US gives Israel $14 million a day most of which is spent by the military. One can be assured that every kid that has been killed has been with weapons we paid for. Call or write your Congress people. To find out what is currently happening the following websites are excellent sources: Arab Resource and Organizing Center, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and The Electronic Intifada.



In this segment we talk with artist Nancy Cato, whose show "Tomboy" is on display now through September 18th at the African American Art and Culture Complex in San Francisco.  Nancy talks about the evolution of her work, growing up as a tomboy in New Haven, raising a son, and crafting a Black lesbian identity.

Words from Nancy: "In my catholic grade school, I recall walking up the steps with one of the sisters and decided to make the journey back to my class a little faster by taking 2 steps at a time. Sister Rita said, 'Nancy!  That’s not ladylike.' Why? I thought, but inside I knew."

With the use of pen and ink illustrations, Nancy Cato will unleash a good chunk of her thoughts of what it meant for her growing up as a Tomboy. The good, the bad, and the attempt to find self-love in a world full of dollies, dresses and tea parties. The solo show is at 762 Fulton Street in San Francisco and is open everyday from noon to 5PM through September 18th.

Nancy Cato, born and raised in New Haven, has been creating whimsical and socially conscious illustrations for the past 10 yrs. In 2000 she started her own company, Cato Creations designing t-shirts, greeting cards and logos for local businesses. In most of her work you will find that Cato’s illustrations primarily center on the individual. The issue being addressed may affect the community at large, but for her the individual creates the community. This invites the viewer into an environment that hopefully becomes theirs.

Listen now or get MP3. 21:01 min.

Click here for the entire show. 59:49 min.

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