Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 10: Ukraine; (H)afrocentric; and Middlemarch

Mass demonstration against Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych during EuroMaidan 2013
Kate Raphael speaks with Kristina Wilfore, former director of the National Democratic Institute in Ukraine and founder of the country's first multifaceted women's program, Women Lead. 28:13 min.

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Eryn Matthewson talks with Jewels Smith, creator of the comic book series (H)AFROCENTRIC, about the just released third volume, and her upcoming book launch with Reinina Jarmon, author of BLACK GIRLS ARE FROM THE FUTURE. 14:11 min.

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And Rebecca Mead, author of MY LIFE IN MIDDLEMARCH, discusses George Eliot's life and the importance of her classic book. 14:04 min.

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Click here to listen to KPFA Women's Magazine. 59 min.

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