Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013: Dorothy Allison and Gail Tsukiyama: Creating a Writers' Community

Great writing is often portrayed, in our masculinist culture, as a solitary outpouring of individual genius.  But for the most brilliant women writers of our time, writing is something done alone, yes, but nourished and honed by a community of supportive women who challenge and strengthen each other.

Dorothy Allison, author of the best-selling Bastard Out of Carolina and Cavedweller, has been called one of the most passionate and gifted writers of her generation.  Gail Tsukiyama is the author of nine novels, including Women of the Silk and The Language of Threads, and was one of nine writers invited to appear at the first Library of Congress Book Festival.  In this conversation, the two friends discuss how their interactions with other women writers, especially at the unique women's writing retreat Hedgebrook, informs and nurtures their work.  They also talk about their own writing processes and methods for overcoming despair, fear and the temptation of endless revision.

Gail and Dorothy with other writers at Hedgebrook
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