Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 24th: Feminist Responses to Violence; What to Do on New Year's

Male Violence, Militarism and Mass Killings 

What role does gender play and why is it so ignored by the media? How is empathy bred out of men, and how can we restore it? How can we make people feel the deaths of thousands of children in Afghanistan and Palestine, or in our own inner cities, as acutely as those in Newtown, Connecticut? Is this a "tipping point" moment for action on gun control? These and other questions are explored in this engaging half hour discussion.

A discussion with authors and activists Elana Dykewomon, Kathleen Barry and Judith Mirkinson about unexplored dimensions of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. Audio: 31:26


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Interview with Meditation & Spirituality Teacher Spring Washam

Spring Washam is hosting two Great Turning events New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. She writes:

"The great turning is happening NOW as we turn towards a life sustaining model of community, generosity and interconnectedness. We have enormous power and our hearts songs are weaving a new tapestry in the collective consciousness of our human family. Gaia is our home. It’s time we reclaim the earth as our sacred altar."

In this interview with Syra Smith, she talks about her philosophy, her work in mediatation and spirituality, the purpose of the events and how they came together. The Great Turning is a benefit for The Sujata Project, which will provide accessible retreats for low-income Bay Area women.

Spring Washam, cofounder of East Bay Meditation Center and teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, talks about her work making mediatation accessible to women of color, LBT and low-income women. Audio: 15:29

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Phenomenon 2013

Phenomenon 2013 is the second New Year's extravaganza organized by Roke Noir and Siren Theatre. The first, Blue Moon Phenomenon 2010, was named "coolest spiritual New Year's Eve for women" by the San Francisco Examiner. Food, dancing, drumming, fire play, comedy -- Phenomenon 2013 has it all. Find out more.

Roke Noir of Siren Theater explains Phenomenon 2013, a spiritual New Year's feast, ritual and celebration for women. Audio: 7:06

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Click here to listen to entire show as it aired on KPFA, Monday, December 24th, 2012.

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