Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27th: Women's Magazine interviews Lateefah Simon, Zainab al Khawaja, and Saria Idana about their work, interests and impact on today's women and the world

Zainab al Khawaja (@AngryArabiya) talks about the Arab Spring, the goals of the democracy movement in Bahrain, and her father's hunger strike for freedom. She also talks about how she became one of Bahrain's leading tweeps. 15:11 min.

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Lateefah Simon is former director of the Center for Young Women's Development and the San Francisco Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights. Now living in Oakland, she won the MacArthur Genius Fellowship at only 26 years old and used the money to fund a college education. She is now studying public policy at Mills College and working at the Rosenburg Foundation's California's Future Initiative. Eryn Matthewson of Women's Magazine began her wide-ranging conversation by asking Simon how she decided to focus her work on the juvenile justice system. 27:33 min.

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Saria in "Homeless in Homeland"

Saria Idana's one-woman show, "Homeless in Homeland," explores her identity as a Jewish American through her experiences of Israel and Palestine. Opens this Thursday, March 1, for a three-performance run at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley. 9:57 min.

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