Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Occupying Women: A New World or Patriarchy as Usual?

How feminist is the Occupy movement?

Women's Magazine's Kate Raphael hosts a lively and entertaining discussion among Cyn, Kaitlyn and Frank of Occupy Oakland's Feminist And Queers Against Capitalism and Shaista Husain of Occupy Wall Street's Safer Spaces and Immigrant Justice Working Groups. We discuss whether large-scale consensus process is truly empowering for women, people of color and trans folks, how the encampments have dealt with
violence and harassment, and whether Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street deserves all the ink it's gotten.  Plus thoughts on whether "the 99%" is inclusive or alienating, and what the future of Occupy might look like.

Listen to the show

On Saturday, December 3, join queer economic justice action groups for Occupy The Castro, 12:00 noon at Harvey Milk Plaza.

There will be a feminist bloc in Oakland for the West Coast Port Shutdown on December 12.

Also check out these great links for more on Occupying Feminism:

WINGS #31-11 Feminists Occupy Occupy. Length: 28:47  Women's issues cannot be an afterthought, women occupiers say.
Inspired by feminist underground radios in the 1983 film Born in Flames, three women of a newer generation start a podcast series. The premier edition looks at efforts to keep women's issues on the agenda of Occupy Wall Street and its satellite occupations. Hosts: Becca Wilkerson, Catherine Barbarits and Kathy Miriam. Guests: Lucinda Marshall from Feminist Peace Network, co-founder of the new blog Occupy Patriarchy; Sarah Slamen, feminist working on women's issues at Occupy Houston.

Occupy Patriarchy

Women Occupy

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