Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, November 1 Freedom's Warrior: The Life and Times of Marilyn Buck

Women's Magazine presents a special hour-long documentary of the extraordinary life of the late political prisoner and freedom fighter Marilyn Buck.

Using interviews with Marilyn's friends, chosen family, fellow prisoners and lawyers, as well as clips from her own films, poetry and interviews with her, the piece asks the question, "What is the meaning of a life dedicated to resistance?"

Listen to entire broadcast.

A Bay Area memorial will be held November 7 from 4-7:30 at the First Unitarian Church at 685 14th Street in Oakland.

In New York City a memorial will be held Saturday November 13, 4:30-10:30 at the Shabazz Center, 3940 Broadway, Manhattan, followed by dinner and the Freedom Dance for political prisoners.

See Marilyn Buck's website for more information about these events and her life.

Special thanks to all who participated in this documentary especially Marilyn's co-defendents and former political prisoners Laura Whitehorn and Linda Evans, and her lawyer Soffiyah Elijah. Also to those who provided the footage of Assata Shakur and the old San Francisco Newsreel films.

All rights reserved. You must contact KPFA Women's Magazine for permission to rebroadcast any parts of this program.

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