Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9th: Women's Magazine remembers Marilyn Buck. Also on today's show: Women and Social Security, Gay marriage and women in sports.

Soffiya Elijah, Marilyn Buck, and Alejandro Molina
Tribute to Political Prisoner, Activist and Writer Marilyn Buck. Kate Raphael of Women's Magazine remembers her friend Marilyn Buck, a political prisoner for over 25 years, who died on August 3, shortly after her release (see obituary). This brief tribute presents an overview of Marilyn's life and work, with a special emphasis on her commitment to feminism. Includes the voices of Marilyn Buck, Gemma Mirkinson, Walter Turner, and poet Sonia Sanchez. 10:25

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Women Must Save Social Security

Kathie Piccagli of the Older Women's League talks with Women's Magazine's Kate Raphael. 16:17


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Why is Social Security under attack? What is the truth about who pays for it and who gets it, and how can we make sure it will be there for us when we need it? Kathie Piccagli of the Older Women's League answers these questions and more, as we approach the 75th birthday of this popular program.

For more information about saving social security and the 75th birthday party on Saturday, August 14th, call 415-215-7575 or visit Older Women's League.

Last week, for the first time in U.S. History, a federal judge struck down a ban on same-sex marriage. To hear comedian Wanda Sykes hilarious commentary on the subject go to "listen to the entire show" link below. Also included is a piece that we broadcast for the first time a year ago on gender roles in sports. It's from a speech by Dave Zirin at last year's Socialism Conference in San Francisco. Leading the segment is a song by singer/songwriter Meg Christian, Ode to a Gym Teacher (1974).

Listen to the entire show.

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