Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12: Celebrating (Revolutionary) Secretaries Day - The Raises Not Roses Tradition

Administrative Professionals Week is now just a time for bosses to take their secretaries to lunch, but at one time it was an occasion for Raises Not Roses marches and rallies. Kate Raphael talks about that more radical time, and some of the gains that have been made through clerical worker organizing over the years, with Linda Blum, author of Between Feminism and Labor: the Significance of the Movement for Comparable Worth, and professor of sociology at Northeastern University. 24:08

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Workers at Hastings College of Law have recently told the administration that a majority of them have signed cards authorizing AFSCME Local 3299 to represent them. But the administration has so far not respected them enough even to respond. Kate Raphael of KPFA Women's Magazine talks with Jolynn Jones and Cecilia Moreira, Hastings workers and leaders of the campaign for union recognition. See below for how to support this campaign. 19:30

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Support the Hastings workers!

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