Monday, December 14, 2009

Climate Change Is a Feminist Issue; Dying for Health Rights; and More Real Talk with Kiki & Miz Chris

Today's packed show on Women's Magazine:

Listen to the entire show, including Jovelyn's World and the Women's Calendar.

Dying for Health Rights: Over 100 people died-in at the San Francisco Ferry Building on Saturday, December 5, to protest the Stupak Amendment and demand quality health care for all. The Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights (BACORR) teamed up with a broad coalition of single payer advocates including Direct Action for Single Payer and Raging Grannies to say "Shame on Nancy Pelosi" for allowing right-wing Democrats to dictate health policies she knows are wrong.
Rivian Berlin reports from the die-in. Download or listen here.

"Climate Change Hits Women Hardest, So Where Are the Feminist Voices?"
That's the question asked by Anushay Hossain, gender policy analyst and founder/editor of Anushay's Point. According to a UN Report released in advance of the Copenhagen talks on climate change, women are the most likely to be impacted by by climate change. They are losing their homes, forced to flee with their children, losing their livelihoods and increasingly vulnerable to sex trafficking and other dangerous forms of survival. So why hasn't this gender aspect of the crisis made its way onto the agenda for Copenhagen? Because feminist groups haven't made enough noise, says Anushay.
Download or listen:

Get the Gender and Climate Change Toolkit, "Climate Change Connections" from WEDO (Women's Environmental Development Organization). Lots more information and actions are available at

Kiki & Miz Chris Return with Real Talk. Today they focus on the music industry and talk with two lesbians of color who are making their way in the male-dominated world of hip-hop. Don't miss their lively conversations with Felice Archbold of Fresh Vibe Media and Femcee Mack Mistress.

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