Monday, May 4, 2009

Preempted Again! Act Now to Save WM!

Well, we thought we were going back on the air today, but that didn't happen. At 12:30, half an hour before air time, Safi and Jovelyn and the guest who was waiting in studio to do a live broadcast found out that we were being preempted again!

The next two weeks are fund drive, and we are always preempted during fund drives, and the last week of the month we are preempted for the LSB report. So the earliest we would go back on the air would be the first Monday in June. But, when we went to ask why we had been preempted this week, we were told that we are being evaluated to determine whether we are going to get the slot back or not. No other show is being subjected to this evaluation process. We believe that there's a good chance Women's Magazine will not return to KPFA's airwaves.

We need your support.

PLEASE call or email KPFA management and let them know that you care about women's programming and want to see Women's Magazine back on the air.


Call: 510-848-6767 ask for Program Manager Sasha Lilly or General Manager Lemlem Riijo.

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