Monday, July 5, 2021

Honoring Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez--A Conversation with Cherrie Moraga







 In a matter of 4 days, we lost two of our beloved movement leaders, transnational feminists, Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez on June 29 and Native Hawai'ian activist scholar Haunani-Kay Trask on July 3. Each in her own historical context, her own ways, and in respective settings, were forces to be reckoned with. They taught, fought, listened, lectured, organized, conspired—that is, they breathed and worked with others—to help create worlds they envisioned. May they both rest in power and love.

Just google Betita to read obituaries in major news sources in the US and, elsewhere. You can also read testimonies from former students, friends, comrades in the struggle.  For example, check out Organizing Upgrade below. M
ovement leader Cindy Wiesner described Betita in an conversation I had with her earlier today: “Betita was courageous, audacious, stuck to her guns, was never afraid to be the first, all the while dressed to the nines in her gold lame, white boots, red lipstick.” Betita had flare!

To listen click here 59mins.

 Cherríe Moraga is the internationally acclaimed Chicana writer, feminist activist, poet, essayist, and director-playwright. She is on the faculty at UC Santa Barbara in the Department of English. Cherríe is also a founding member of the social justice activist group La Red Chicana Indígena which is an organization of Chicanas fighting for education, culture rights, and Indigenous Rights.


Organizing Upgrade 

Voices from the Movement

Diversity Lecture Series Evergreen State College 2006

500 Years of Chicana Women's History

De Colores Means Means All of Us Latina Views for a Multi-Colored Century

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