Tuesday, March 9, 2021

International Women's Day Special Broadcast - Then and Now: Exploring Pandemic Healthcare in Vulnerable Communities

Then and Now: Exploring Pandemic Healthcare in Vulnerable Communities

In this hour, you will hear the voices of several women healthcare workers who, as an extension of their fellowships with the UCSF HEAL Initiative, are advocating for health equity and health justice in their own communities, and or walking in other vulnerable communities in service. The UCSF HEAL Initiative (Health, Equity, Action, Leadership), is a global health organization striving to bridge barriers to care in deeply marginalized, resource denied communities.

Through a series of interviews, host Kendall Morgan explores how women are doing health equity work on the ground in those communities hit hardest by the pandemic, both domestically and internationally. She looks at the intersection between underrepresented minorities in medicine, their role in healthcare during the pandemic and how women step into roles of leadership and advocacy in times of crisis.

Guests include Sangeeta Tripathi, an Indian American woman and leader who serves as HEAL’s Managing Director, Natasha Topaha, a Dine woman working in the Navajo Nation to bring health services to community members where they are at, Graciela Cadet, a Hatian nurse focused on strengthening the Haitian Health System, Annie Huang, an American Doctor working in Palliative Care with Immigrant Communities in Seattle, Washington, and Jimena Maza, Clinical Supervisor at Partners In Health in Sierra Madre de Chiapas, Mexico, known locally as Companeros en Salud. They share about their work centering local communities and, their views on power and privilege, leadership, positionality and structural inequity, and, they offer some strategies for how we can build health care systems better.

Hosted by Kendall Crakow

Click here to listen to the show. 1:59:58 min. This audio file contains 2 programs each 1 hour long. Then and Now: Exploring Pandemic Healthcare in Vulnerable Communities is first. The second hour is Feminist Faith Leaders Speak.


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