Tuesday, March 9, 2021

International Women's Day Special Broadcast - Mosaic America’s Galorious

Mosaic America’s Galorious

Mosaic America’s Galorious highlights stories of glorious gals; women who were first to Stand Up and get others to Rise Up. Women today need to hear about the others before and among us who are claiming their whole identity on their own terms. Galorious is a celebration of hard-won triumphs of strong and courageous women spanning generations and cultures.

Host: Priya Das

Participants in order of appearance:

Charlene Eigen-Vasquez, Justina Palafox, Rosanna Alvarez, Van-Anh Vo, Shikha Malaviya.

Gratitude to Adriana Rueda, Lisa Riley, Chuck Alexander.

Mosaic America participants – Priya Das (VP Programming Strategy). Usha Srinivasan (President).

Mosaic America is a project of Sangam Arts

Click here to listen to the show. 57:59 min. 

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