Tuesday, March 9, 2021

International Women's Day Special Broadcast - Restorative Justice and Releasing Responsibility

Restorative Justice and Releasing Responsibility

Gray Area Stories: Restorative Justice and Releasing Responsibility is a 58 minute show from co-creators Erica M. Hart and Johanna Middleton. Gray Area Stories is a survivor-led podcast about the healing journeys of survivors of sexual assault. Gray Area Stories seeks to joyfully create a future beyond survival. In this episode, we speak to survivor Kyra Jones who compares her contrasting experiences following reporting two sexual assaults – one through the carceral system and one through a restorative justice (RJ) process. Kyra takes us through the steps of both processes including the very public RJ process she underwent with her rapist Malcolm London, facilitated by prolific activist and organizer Mariame Kaba. 

Hosted by Gray Stories

Click here to listen to the show. 57:57 min. 

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