Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Monday June 25, 2018: Queer pride, Queer Anti- Militarism, and abortion gag rule

Today on Women’s Magazine:   

LGBT Rainbow Flag

As Pride events come to a close in the Bay Area producer Safi Wa Nairobi presents a segment on Queer pride and inclusion for people of color in the LGBT rainbow flag.

"We like our Queers out of uniform" LAGAI banner

Matilda Bernstein Sycamore talks about the importance of Queer Anti-Militarism even as trans people are being threatened with exclusion from the military by new Trump policies. This site is a toolkit for doing outreach at events in your community to build queer/trans anti-war resistance, and to counter military recruitment efforts. Print stickers, posters and flyers to hand out! Print t-shirts to wear!

Abortion on demand and without apology

Lastly, Jeannine Etter talks to Dr. Peggy Ye about the new Trump Administration domestic gag rule that prevents health care facilities receiving federal funding  from discussing abortion referrals.

Click here to listen to the entire show. 59:50 min

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