Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28 - A Brief History of Queers: Iran and U.S.

Wrapping up our Pride Month coverage, Women's Magazine takes a look at the historical and current realities for LGBT in Iran, with gender studies professor Sima Shakhsari; we also look back at the last quarter century of lesbian organizing and activism in the U.S. with lesbian cultural icon Elana Dykewomon.

Since Iranian President Ahmadinejad famously said "There are no homosexuals in Iran," in a speech at Columbia, opponents of the Iranian government have worked hard to put and keep the situation of Iranian LGBT people in the front of our consciousness. But we seldom hear the voices of Iranian queers themselves, who have a more nuanced and complex reality than that portrayed in the Western media. Simin Yahaghi talks with Dr. Sima Shakhsari, professor of Ethnic and Gender Studies at U.C. Berkeley. 26 mins.

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For more info on queers in Iran and other parts of SouthWest Asian and the Middle East: 
Interview with Hazhir, Iranian queer activist, in Cheraq, the journal of Iranian queers
Bint el Nas (Arab Lesbian Network)
al Bab (an open door to the Arab world)

Kate Raphael talks with lesbian feminist author and cultural worker Elana Dykewomon, whose novel RiverFingerWoman was the first book ever advertised in the New York Times as a "lesbian book." Elana discusses her own history and the history of radical lesbian activism and literature. 25 mins.

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Listen to the entire show, including the Women's Community Calendar and music by Iranian lesbian rapper Saye Sky.

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