Friday, July 30, 2010

July 19th: A look at what progressive queer activist are doing in Germany and the US

On Women's Magazine on KPFA radio this Monday July 19th we look an event at Berlin’s Gay Pride during which racism inside LGBTQ movements was publicly highlighted when Queer theorist Judith Butler refused an award by the Berlin Gay Pride organizers. Paola Bacchetta speaks with Jin Haritaworn, a trans member of the queer of color anti-racism group SUSPECT, about racism in German LGBTQ movements and the larger society. 19:20 min.


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On July 19th on KPFA radio's Women's Magazine Lisa Dettmer talked to Caitlin Breedlove from SONG about a new progressive Queer coalition that developed out of the recent US Social Forum. This coalition is is attempting to create a new national LGBT coalition with a new agenda that addresses the needs of vulnerable LGBTQ communities and the structural causes of queer oppression. 22:00 min.


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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, July 12: Visit Arnieville, a tent city in Berkeley. Travel to Atlanta to see who's not on the Oprah Network.

Yvette Hochberg brings us the voices of women from Arnieville, the three-week old tent city that is fighting to save home health services for seniors and disabled people. And Sharon Sobotta introduces us to five of the amazing women who auditioned for the new Oprah network. Plus we'll bring you an update on the case of Caster Semenya, the South African runner forced to undergo gender testing, and hear shocking testimony about sexual assault against women activists at the G20 protests in Toronto. All that plus the women's calendar.

Arnieville on Adalaide Ave.

Jean Stewart, Jan Santos and Hannah Jo Karpalo, three of the activists behind the tent city in Berkeley that is fighting to save In Home Supportive Services, talk about the issues and the encampment in this lively discussion. 19:13

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Women's Magazine correspondent Sharon Sobotta went to the Oprah auditions in Atlanta, Georgia. In this inspiring collage, she brings us the voices of some of the extraordinary women she met there. Sharon spoke to five women, including two deaf women, Esmeralda Willamson-Noble, the mother of a young man who jumped off of a building in New York, and Heidi Kirshner, an oil painter about their dreams, their challenges and of course, what they hope to share on the Oprah Network. Then Sharon discovers Healthful Essence, a Carribean vegan restaurant and interviews the owner/chef, Princess Dixon. 24:20

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Listen to the entire show to hear Kate Raphael's updates on the G20 protests and sexual assaults in Toronto, and gender testing of South African woman athlete. Also, women talk about their passions and dreams.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, July 5: That's Entertainment!

Summer time is play time. On this week's Women's Magazine, you'll hear about some delicious diversions to fill up those long summer nights. Kate Raphael talks with author & writing teacher Elaine Beale about her new work Another Life Altogether, and takes us to the set of the lesbian musical Left of Oz. And Sharon Sobotta meets extraordinary women writers at the New York Book Fair.

Another Life Altogether: An Interview with author and writer Elaine Beale.

Elaine Beale is a local girl made good. Born and raised in northern England, Elaine has lived in Oakland for over twenty years. In 2007 she won the prestigious Poets & Writers California Exchange contest, and out of that, sold her first literary novel, Another Life Altogether. Another Life was released early this year to rave reviews, and was picked as one of the ten books to watch for in March 2010 by Oprah Magazine. Kate Raphael of Women's Magazine talks with Elaine about the craft of writing, her new book and her role as a teacher. 20:31

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Sharon Sobotta talks with Kris Carr and Karen Morgan, two extraordinary women who turned diagnoses with rare diseases into a passion for healthy food. Carr is the author of Crazy Sexy Cancer, and her new release, Crazy Sexy Diet, about the diet that helped her beat a rare sarcoma. Morgan is founder of Blackbird Bakery, the first gourmet gluten-free online bake shop. Her first book will be published this fall by Chronicle Books. 14:08

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Left of Oz: A Great Lesbian Romp

Feminist remakes of classic fairy tales are all the rage these days, and as any gay person can tell you, there's nothing more classic than the Wizard of Oz. "Left of Oz," now playing at the Ashby Stage in Berkeley (tickets $25), is a lesbian reworking of one of the best known and loved movies of the twentieth century. It's written and directed by singer-songwriter Stephanie Reif, and stars Sarah Mosby as the wide-eyed Dorothy, who follows her dream to San Francisco. In this clip, Kate Raphael takes us to the set of Left of Oz, and talks with writer-director Stephanie Reif.  14:49

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